Discover how you can publish your ebooks to Amazon's blockbuster Kindle, and reach millions of readers all over the world.
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"Capture the Massive Kindle Market: Start Today."
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Publish your material so that it can be read by millions on the Kindle, as well as the hot new iPad and other mobile devices... Publish fiction, or nonfiction
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Tap into a huge global market, and do it for free -- this is the amazing benefit of publishing for the Kindle, you can essentially do it for free
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Become a published author
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From the Desk of Angela Booth

Hi Fellow Writer

Want to get published fast, so that millions of readers can read your work?

I loved my Amazon Kindle, for its simplicity and speed: when I wanted a new book, it downloaded to my Kindle in less than a minute. I also loved the fact that I could store as many books on my Kindle as I wished -- I knew I would always have something great to read, no matter where I was, without taking a bulging book sack with me.

I loved my Kindle that is, until I got my iPad, which made it even easier to read the books in Kindle format which I bought from Amazon.

When I got my iPad, the first thing I did was load the Kindle application onto it, so I could access my Kindle library of books, and buy new books, whenever I wanted them.

I've managed to find some great books which were totally new to me, via Kindle.

Writers are discovering Amazon's Kindle publishing format
Then I kept hearing from writer colleagues that they'd just published their books on the Kindle, and that sales were great. One writer told me she was publishing a book a week.

That raised my eyebrows.

What raised them even more was when she told me of the income she was making, without doing much promotion at all; she was relying on Amazon's popularity.

All well and good, but I put "learn how to publish for the Kindle" on the backburner, and forgot about it.

Until I discovered this new video training, which shows you how to publish in Kindle format quickly and simply, and completely for free, using the tools you already have on your computer.
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Hot NEW video course shows you how to publish on the Kindle today

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Once I found this training, I knew I had to make it available to you -- it's a huge benefit to ALL writers, even if you've never considered Kindle format for your material. (You can publish many different things in Kindle format, including blogs, but this video training is solely concerned with ebooks.)

Here's what you'll discover in this six-video series

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Video 1: Overview, Tools, and Getting Started
This first video is an overview of the series. You'll also learn what tools you need (chances are you have them already, if not, you'll discover free tools you can use.)
9 Minutes.
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Video 2: Brainstorm Ideas, and Research your Market. What Ebook Could YOU Create?
Perhaps you've already written a book you want to publish on the KIndle. If so, you won't really need this video, but I encourage you to watch it anyway -- lots of excellent ideas in this one. You'll learn how to brainstorm ideas, and research markets, so that you create an ebook which becomes a hot seller.
11 Minutes.
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Video 3: How to Write an Ebook Which Sells
Plan. Discover the challenges faced by your readers. Who's your competition? Research your competition on Amazon. This video shows you how to learn do this quickly and easily.
7 Minutes.
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Video 4: Formatting Secrets -- How to Format Your Books for the Kindle
Formatting your books so that they can be read on the Kindle is very easy. If you know how to use a word processor, you can do this. Best of all, chances are you already have the tools you need. The basic tool you need is completely free.
13 Minutes.
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Video 5: How to Price Your Ebook; Plus How to Publish on Amazon's Digital Text Platform (DTP)
In this video, you'll discover the secrets of pricing your ebooks. This is essential knowledge, so that you make as much money as possible from each book sold. The video also walks you through publishing an ebook on Amazon's DTP platform. (It's easy.)
14 Minutes.
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Video 6: How to Promote Your Ebook -- Easy Ways to Increase Your Sales
Although your new ebook will appear on Amazon's marketplace within 48 hours so that it's available to millions, you'll nevertheless want to promote your ebook so that it makes lots of sales. This video gives you useful promotional tips.
14 Minutes.
How to watch the videos
You'll receive a ZIP archive which contains your video files.

Double-click the archive, and it will open, revealing a series of folders, and a "Instructions: Read Me First" PDF file. Double-click the PDF, and follow the simple instructions on how to view the videos in your Web browser. The videos will play on any computer, Mac or PC.

Ready to buy?


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The package contains videos and a PDF file. You'll download the matieral instantly on payment. (Double-click the ZIP package, to reveal the videos and PDF. Complete How-to-view instructions are included.)

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Book your free coaching with Angela Booth
We wish you all success. This package comes with a free coaching session of 15 minutes.

Please book your free coaching once you've worked through the videos. You can take your session at any time, within the next 12 months. Coaching is email.

Of course, in addition to coaching, you can ask for any help you need. Either Julia (my amazing, hard working assistant) or I will get back to you within hours (often minutes) on a business day, and within eight hours on a weekend.

You're NEVER alone -- Julia and I are here to help.


Angela Booth

Questions? Contact me.

If you're NEW to writing books...

I started my writing career as a novelist, and over the years, I've written many books, both for traditional print publishers, and in the past decade, operating as a self-publisher, writing and selling ebooks.

If you're completely new to writing books, I've got just the package to help you to get started on your career as an author. Please check out my Write A Book Collection.

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