Top 3 Best SEO Books For Ranking In 2020

You want to learn SEO and want to take it old school and learn it from books. It’s great learning the foundations of SEO from books, but keep in mind that Search Engine Optimizations is always changing applying what you learn constantly will ensure you are always ahead.

Some books offer gold nuggets you won’t see anywhere online and that’s why I recommend investing your time in reading the Top 3 best SEO books for ranking.

If you are instead want to get your information online, there are in-depth articles you read about SEO. They are very helpful and sometimes can be a little advance to comprehend. Lavie agency offers a variety of SEO topics that is beginner-friendly and highly recommended if you are starting out


1. 3 Months to No.1: The “No-Nonsense” SEO Playbook for Getting Your Website Found on Google
by Will Coombe

I knew SEO – or figured I did – until I read this book by Will Coombe. The effortlessness with which the ideas were spread out, the grouping of sections that unfurled individually, and the LOGIC of the entire strategy, course-revised a great deal of my suspicions about SEO. I currently understand that with the correct educator and the correct book, a subject that appeared to be overwhelming becomes uber-straightforward … on the off chance that you comprehend the fundamental rationale.

The section I discovered generally valuable to me was the “Life systems of an SEO Campaign”. It was the minute on which the entire comprehension of the subject turned for me.

In general, this book has now become my small scale Bible for all things SEO. Right now data over-burden, you can’t thank somebody enough for “isolating the good product from the waste”.

3 Months to No.1: The "No-Nonsense" SEO Playbook for Getting Your Website Found on Google




Will Coombe
SEO Expert


2. SEO Fitness Workbook: The Seven Steps to Search Engine Optimization (2020 Edition)
by Jason McDonald


This book is an unquestionable requirement perused for anyone keen on comprehension SEO as well as actualizing it for one’s own website. I’ve perused the past 2 releases also. Essentially I purchase the book each year since I found it.

A great deal of the substance is the equivalent from year to year, yet fills in as a helpful boost. It is written in plain language, which makes it more clear and increasingly lovely to peruse. It’s straightforward, on the off chance that you have to comprehend SEO, purchase and read this book.

There’s a ton of crap being told about SEO. Google needs to cause it to appear to be more confused than it truly is. As do a few offices. Supposedly on the grounds that this permits them to charge a great deal of cash for the assignments they perform. Regardless of whether you don’t plan to play out your own SEO, at any rate in the wake of having perused this book, you’ll have the option to choose the correct accomplice to assist you with a trip with it.

I am utilizing this books to enable my customers to find a workable pace of Google. The book feels like a glad guide holding your hand through this very genuine procedure, disclosing to you that you have this! Also, you do in the event that you purchase this book. The technique depicted is very involved and recorded such that everybody gets it. What’s more, the book contains (short, simple to type) connections to recordings and online apparatuses from Jason McDonald. So it isn’t generally only a book you’re getting, it is a course.

Jason McDonald
Expert Consulting in SEO

3. SEO Like I’m 5: The Beginner’s Guide to Search Engine Optimization
by Matthew Capala

I’ve read two or three digital books about SEO, and none of them compared SEO Like I’m 5. It isn’t so much that the other SEO books I took a stab at perusing were not instructive, it’s how they were composed. I got exhausted and overpowered effectively reading other SEO guides, however, this book truly addressed me and got me to act. There is a lot of contextual investigations, walkthroughs, and pictures, which helped you reproduce the SEO methodologies referenced in the book. The special reward is that SEO Like I am 5 is amusing to read, engaging, and real (the creator shared a few intriguing tales about SEO and his stunts and tips). Highly recommended

Marc Andre
Vital Dollar


This book was made for beginners in SEO, so if you are starting out and searching for a book that teaches you the right foundations, this book is definitely for you.  At the end of finishing this book, you should have a clear understanding of what is SEO and how ranking works. I recommend having a blog on the side while reading this book so you can practice as you go through the chapters. All and all is a solid book that I highly recommended if you’re getting your feet wet in SEO.