Get Motivated: 3 Powerful Tips To Finish Your Book

You’re writing a book, and you’ll finish it one day. You hope. Unfortunately, you can’t get motivated. Although you schedule your writing, you can’t get started.

On bad days, you think about giving up.

Will you ever become sufficiently motivated to finish your book?

Here’s something to keep in mind. Inspiration and motivation build while you’re writing — not when you’re thinking about writing.

Convinced that you’ve tried everything and will never finish?

You’ll get motivated when you build-in consequences

Try creating consequences for yourself. When carrots don’t work, a stick can make all the difference.

Let’s look at how you can build your motivation when you build in some consequences for non-performance.

1. Use pre-orders: sell your book before it’s done

Authors swear that KDP pre-orders get them motivated to finish their book if nothing else will.

Here’s why: Amazon has consequences — it punishes you if you don’t upload your file before the deadline:

You can postpone the release date for your eBook one time for as many as 30 days past the initial release date… If you postpone the release date, you won’t be able to postpone release dates for other existing pre-order eBooks. Also, you won’t be able to set up a pre-order for any eBook for one year.

That’s powerful motivation, right? 🙂

You can create a pre-order up to 90 days before the release date.

2. Never mind the carrot, grab the stick

What’s the most painful thing you can imagine?

When you’re creating a stick to beat yourself if you don’t finish your book, the stick has more power if it affects others as well as yourself.

For example, let’s say that you’re taking your family on vacation this summer. Tell the family that unless you complete your book, you’ll be staying home.

Commitment is all-important when you’re using a stick. Tell others about your commitment to finish, and they’ll help you to get it done.

3. Write rubbish (spoiler alert: you can’t)

My favorite tip: write.

Write anything. Write the biggest rubbish you’ve ever written. Get it done. (You can edit later, of course.)

Here’s why this works. It’s hard to write rubbish consistently and deliberately, because you write the way you write.

A decision to write rubbish will free you to write, and you’ll get motivated to finish your book.

(Bonus strategy) You can get motivated to do anything… in five minutes

During my long writing career I’ve accepted commissions which I hated. Completing these commissions was always a struggle, but I learned that you can write anything — as long as you tell yourself: “it’s only for five minutes.”

When all else fails, and you’re in danger of missing a pre-order deadline, grab a timer. Set it for five minutes. During those five minutes, you MUST write. Write rubbish. Write anything, but WRITE.

Oddly enough, those five minute sessions will help you to get motivated, and you’ll finish your book.