The BEST Kindle Book Marketing Tip

In the past 30 days, 78,000 ebooks have been added to Amazon’s Kindle Bookstore. This means that book marketing isn’t optional. If you don’t market, your books just won’t be found. Let’s look at the best Kindle marketing tip.

Here it is. Market to your readers.

Book marketing starts before you write your book

I’ve been urging my students and readers to do this since at least 2006. Savvy authors just do it. They know that it’s essential. However, when working with students who’ve published many books, and are rapidly building their catalogue on Amazon, I’m still amazed at how little attention they pay to marketing to readers.

Prepare for readers when you prepare the upload of your new ebook

Prepare by creating a mailing list. Choose the list provider of your choice. MailChimp has become popular in the past few years. I’m a longterm user of Aweber, so I stick with what I know;  Aweber is reliable, and has fantastic customer service.

(Scroll down the bottom of this post to watch the video, if you’re not sure how to set up a mailing list.)

Once you’ve created your reader’s list in Aweber, or elsewhere, put the code onto a Web page. If you don’t have a website, create a quick page on Strikingly. It’s fast, free and your page will look great.

Now put the URL to your webpage in the back matter of your ebook with a simple call to action: “Click here for updates to further releases.”

No, you don’t need anything else… anything else is optional

When I suggest that authors ask readers to subscribe to a mailing list, they want to make it complicated. Please don’t.

Yes, it’s good to give readers a gentle inducement to join, by offering a goodie, but it’s not essential. If your readers want to hear from you, they’ll add their email address — give them the opportunity to do so.

Mailing list providers: broadcasts and sequences

Your mailing list provider offers two ways for you to send messages to your reader list: via a broadcast, or via a sequence.

A broadcast message is just what it sounds like. It’s a message which is broadcast/ sent out to readers as soon as you hit the Send button, or at a time you schedule.

A sequence of messages is sent out to all subscribers of your list. Your sequence can be a single message, or a thousand. You upload your messages, and decide the interval at which they’ll be sent. Sequencing messages becomes enormously useful when you’re promoting multiple books.

Consider this scenario. You’re an established indie. You have 25 ebooks on Amazon, both fiction, and nonfiction. You set up your mailing list for readers just before you upload your next ebook. You provide a link to the webpage where readers can subscribe in the back matter.

Your sequence looks like this:

    1. A “thank you for subscribing” message
    2. A message promoting one of your ebooks. You give a short blurb, and ask readers to check out the ebook
    3. The rest of the sequence: 24 messages, each one promoting an ebook

Each time you publish an ebook, add a message to your sequence… and send a broadcast

When you publish your next message, you create two messages for your mailing list. You send out a broadcast: “Check out my latest book”, and you add another message to your sequence.

Edit your ebooks to add links to your list’s webpage whenever you have time

Whenever you have a moment, add the link to your mailing list page to the end of one of your published ebooks. Over time, you’ll add them to all your books.

As readers buy your books, they’ll sign up to your mailing list. This can make a big difference to your sales, going forward.

Create your mailing list: it’s your best ebook marketing tip

Once it’s set up, you don’t need to concern yourself with your mailing list overly much. Yes, you can promote it if you wish. But your primary task is to get it set up, so that it can start working for you.


Set up your list today… 

Video — Book Marketing Made Easy: Create a Mailing List

Creating a mailing list to get in touch with your readers, and stay in touch with them, is the easiest way to market your books.

As I said in the blog post above… No, you don’t need anything else… anything else is optional. You just need a mailing list which is populated by a sequence of automatic messages.

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